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Finally after all the studies and now work, i have something new to post and i just have some free time. I was studying in school till the end of May, because i had exams in 4 subjects, so it was a very busy time and a very stressful one at the same time. In the same time i tried to make art as much as i could, but mostly i did sketches. I have almost 3 sketchbooks full of little drawings, some are really good, so i think i will most some of them too.
I really like that i did all of them in one sketchbook, because now it looks like a diary in some way, but only without text, but you can see how i felt and what i was doing reflected in my sketches. Some of them are colorful and some maybe very dark, which means that i had not the best day of my life at that moment.
I also had a little time of from my youtube videos. I made around 20 videos of me painting, and i will do that again, because today i checked that i have more than 1700 views on my most popular video. Since i am not an out going person, i never thought that i would have that much people watching something i created. And that i would be interesting even when i have other things going on.
It has been a long 6 months now and i can see new posts being created every second and i can not just wait to read all of them!
Below i published my most popular painting video. The lion i sold afterwards, because a man from Canada contacted me through twitter, because he saw the video and asked if the work is till available for purchase.
I also added my instroduction post i made already 9 months ago:


You can follow me on twitter also:


This is a fcking awesome drawing. I resteemed this, hope it will help you to get more audience. Think this awesome stuff should have!

Thank you so much

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