How to draw a Jedi Master. FULL PROCESS - 20 steps / Experiment No. 17471247

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Drawing with Sharpies on a little box.


Hello again dear steemians.
This is my 3rd entry for the #trialbycomics contest by @kommienezuspadt.
Here the link
You are on time. Send yours.

So far this week I have seen wonderful entries.
Needless to say, I am very excited to have been able to participate and be living this special week with other Padawans.

I want to share with you the complete process. Since the last cookie.
This time I took many photos, one each time I changed the tool.
Hope you enjoy it, even a half of how I enjoyed those christmas cookies that disappear before I could share with you.




















Do. Or do not. There is no try.

-Master Yoda




With cookie love




I love it :)

The Legendary Golden Jumping Yoda
Thanks Master

This is awesome :)

Oh wow, this is such a creative piece. I just looked through your blog and you are really talented at coming up with unique artwork. I love that you've recycled a cookie box to make your drawing on, but you can still see elements of the original artwork on Yoda's head at the end. I also like that you didn't cut out the "product of Italy" and the net weight. Lol. Nice!

Thank you @choogirl. You are so kind.
Then we can conclude that Yoda was Italian ;)

Hi @mr-monk, your artwork is outstanding. Not only the uniqueness of the piece on the cookie box but also it's just a great image and looks exactly like Yoda. The test that comes through also adds a unique element to the design. Very cool!

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Oh, thank you @spaceginger, for your words and for the invitation. I’ll look for your Discord Channel.

Sounds like a cool initiative! Will check it out!

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Hey @saywha. Yes, please. Use it. Help me more people know what I’m doing.

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very cool art

You are cooler @cryptoseven. Thank you ;)

Hahaha I love your spontanious way. You can simply draw on anything you like, nothing stops you from drawing when the papers have all been used xD

And the best of all..
You can even draw over it after that ;)
Thanks @localola

Cute :))))

I’m glad you liked it @irvinov. Welcome to steemit!
See you around

Thanks! Im just new here, thanks for following me mr.monk.. what an awesome name haha

Beautiful as always @mr-monk! I love the section of the original logo text showing through, it works well as forehead texture I think :) Nice to see your art in my feed again :)

Much love - Carl

live it looks much better. the golden ink of the logo is not appreciated in the photos but it gives a quite spectacular touch.
Also feel good to be in contact again Carl.

Ah yes thanks for this comment, now that you mention it I can kind of see what you mean, the gold did come through a little better in some of the pics but I can imagine that shining through the sharpie :) So cool, as always

Awesome job man I love the way this looks :)

Thanks @mapleisacat. I’m glad that you all like my recycling things. Cheers!