YOGA :-"ASPECTS OF EXISTENCE" Collaborative ART Journey with @everlove

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Hello guys,
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I create this post as submission for the collaborative art journey with @everlove. You can join from [Here].

This time title is "ASPECTS OF EXISTENCE".
Everyone of us have variety of ideas in our mind about what the hack this existence is. In this post and in art i want to focus on the specific aspect of the existence that is given as per the "Yoga".
Explanation is given below the art.

acpects of existence.png

Well this may confuse you but let me clarify this.
Meaning of Yoga literally means 'union'. But union of what ? ? ?
union of 'what you think you are' and 'what you think you are not'.
In our experience what we called as 'our body' and what we called as 'our mind' is in our existential experience as our self. But there are 'Spiritual Methods ( Tools )' through which as you experience your hand as 'yours', you can experience whole existence as your self.

To reach that state of the highest level of consciousness, one method is that you can transform your 'energy body' (Pranayama kosha) to highest level. As part of it all the wheels where energy meet in body (chakras) will re-energies and you will experience whole existence as your self (Existentially, not psychologically in your mind).

To get proper understanding of yoga please visit :- What is Yoga?
Thanks to @everlove, for giving me such a great opportunity to serve my piece of work with you all.

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Very vibrant ...

Thanks for your support.

Like the concept for the art.
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Wow, Great work my friend.
I will post my work as well.
i like the way you use the contrast and idea of union.
Thanks for such a blessing.

@artguy, Thanks my friend.
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A very interesting post @motivator. I didn't know you were into yoga!!! Such a vast wealth of energy is available there!

I'm unable to view your image--it may be the glitches that are happening on Steemit right now. I saw it in the comments to my invitation. It is really a magnificent piece of work. All the geometric patterns and vibrant colors are perfect for your interpretation!!! Thanks again for coming out to play.

Thanks for your reply @everlove.
I will contribute one more art in this collaboration.

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aa kai thi lai ayo la

Created in Photoshop ..
To get more info about this collaboration please visit the link given in the post.
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Wow amazing Art and awesome looking, Nice explanation. I truly love seeing this kinda art, Thanks for sharing @motivator

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Electrifying art. Love the art and yoga 🙏🏽

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cool piece man