Collaborative Art Journey..."EXPANSION" : - My work

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After very long time (1 month), I am going to post something now. Because of some urgent requirement, i am not able to give time to steemit.

This post is made for @everlove collaborative art journey 25 , and i feel proud to be part of this initiative. Thanks @everlove.

This time the topic is EXPANSION. and i use the image provided by @everlove as a base to create this art.

-: Final Art :-


-: Original Image:-


... Have a Nice Day ...


WOW this is really fantastic buddy ...

Thanks dude.

Beautiful images.

Thanks, you can also participate in this collaborative journey @nainaztengra.
Have a Nice Day ...

Explosion , wonderful.

Ha ha .
Thanks have a nice day...

Shazaam!!!! Now THAT is expansion!!! Boldly beautiful! So glad you came back and have brought your brilliant self to this initiative again. Grateful to be expanding with you @motivator!

Thanks for your kind words.
Have a Nice Day ...

Thanks for your kind efforts! I'm having a nice day already--hope you are too!