The Inside of a Blob Monster - Fantastic Story Art!

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Blob Monster 1.jpg

So, I wrote a completely hilarious story when I was like, 8. I wanted to share it with everyone but I also wanted to give a little more, so I'm collaborating with artists to draw their interpretation of the story, 3 chapters at a time.

I started with my ex-student, Yu Chenkai, and he has blown me away with his imagery. So I present to you: The inside of a Blob Monster (Spelling & grammar mistakes unchanged)

WeChat Image_20170712201127.jpg

Chapter 1

"When I was six, if I had a scary computer game, I thought the monsters that was in it would jump out and eat me!" Jack said.

Jack is my best friend. I'm Ben. We were talking about embarressments in our lives.

"When I was about five, I went to bed, and when I woke up, I got stuck under my bed covers and I thought I was in a Blob monsters stomach!" I said.

I don't know why but that happened again, but this time, it really was a monster and it wasn't when I got out of bed and I was 12 years old.

Chapter 2

It all started when we had come back from the park. "Hi mum! Hi dad!" I shouted down the hallway.

"Hello Ben" dad replied. I walked in the living room and saw something that would never usually be in a living room.....

"WOW! Dad! Are you crazy?" I shouted. He had a monster truck in the house! "How did you get it in the house? Why? I asked more calmly.

"Well, we took the thing to pieces to fit in the house and and we got it in here because they made a new 100 piece monster truck and they wanted us to try it out. So they used our house to see if it would work. Before you say anything, it's not a jigsaw truck" dad answered.

After he finished answering, I went to sit in the monster truck. But when I climbed in, I saw something green and slimey on the chair.

Chapter 3

I couldn't tell what it was but it looked like this goo that I used to play with. It was in an air-tight container filled with water up to a mark that said 'Half Way'

"Dad, what's that?" I asked.
"Oh God, you're not going to believe this!" He shouted. "This green thing seems to have come from mars! It came crashing through the ceiling and scientists say it's harmless but no way they can be sure. It came in an egg and it needed a pick axe to open it! Can you believe it

Dad is a right chatterbox and he could probably talk about this slimey thing for hours. Dad has black hair and brown eyes, he is tall and thin. Anyway, as he chatted on, I heard drooling behind me. I looked round and saw my dog Max, trying to eat the mars thing.

"Ben! Get Max off it now!" Dad ordered me. So I grabbed his collar and pulled him off. Max sulked back on his bed and went sleep. I turned away and heard bubbling. It came from the thing again but it couldn't be Max and we haven't got any other pets so what would it be?

I turned round again and I saw that the mars thing was twice as big as usual!



If you are an artist - even if you're not - and want to participate, there are 19 chapters in total. There are still a few posts that require art! The curation rewards will be shared accordingly to whoever takes part. it can be a scribble of crayons in a notebook or anything you please. I'm just very curious about the imagery this childhood story creates in the minds of adults.

Let me know! You can message me on, my username is @mobbs (of course) and we can discuss in detail there!


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My opinion this is perfect art @mobbs, nice to meet you, :)

Doggo in the picture



My thoughts exactly


love it

this is funtastic!! I may be interested if I can find the time and if something comes to mind. I'll hit you up in chat.


Cool! Yeah I'm just 'mobbs' on the chat. You don't need to put as much effort as this though, just scribbles or something from one of your kids would be ideal!


lol I don't have kids ;) I don't do scribbles also a lol. I guess you never looked at my art. That's ok I'm not offended I just don't scribble I take pride in my illustration the same way you take it in your writing. I think you're a pretty damn good writer, fyi.


Oh no, the first thing I saw were those helmet things! I just mean like the first drawing, the guy put 2 days of effort into it with a sore wrist and all, but this is just a kids story for a bit of fun and insight, so I didn't want to put any pressure on anybody =D

But it's always awesome to hear somebody has pride in what they do. I think I'm OK at writing and music, I'm a creative person in general except visual art, where I just fail at every turn, so I need others to fill the gap lol


I realize that. It's just if I do decide to do it I will do something good, whether it's for free, fun or even a little bit of $$. I suck shit at writing. However Steemit is forcing to write and I want to fucking cry coz it's painful out of my comfort zone :)


Haha great. That's what it's all about! Pushing yourself to new frontiers!

I'll judge your writing harshly just to give you a boost ;)

I turned round again and I saw that the mars thing was twice as big as usual!

Reminds me of the movie Life!

I liked the story. Chapters 2 & 3 seemed more advanced than 1.

And very nice artwork by Yu!


Yeah he's amazing, and only 15 or 16...

More to come!


I sense a student lawsuit coming up. Possibly something about child labor.


hahah don't worry. I'm totally paying him the full $3.76 for his work...

upvoted for the yunk.

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actually is an awesome story right to be under the #yunk tag :) following

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love the picture, its so yunk :)

On the edge of my hilarious seat haha :D

TV head roman man. Awesome. Upvoted for great content and #yunk tag