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DADA.nyc is a platform for visual dialogue through drawing. it is inspired by dada/dadaism, an art movement that originated in europe at the begining of the 20th century and that held at its core the belief that in art one ought to reject logic, reason and aesthetics.

DADA.nyc is also a gallery/auction house where you can bid ETH for the limited edition artworks.

how it works - the visual dialogue: a user creates a drawing using the webpage app (drawings can't be updated, you have to make them on the platform) and posts it. then other users can reply to that drawing, or rather continue it on what could be described as a continuous scrollable canvas. the idea i guess is to create really long threads. i imagine that would also help users get more likes and exposure as visitors want scroll through long dialogues.
under each section of the drawing the creator's profile, like and subscribe button are displayed so you know who drew what. i like the structure, its simple and it works fine.

the drawing app is pretty basic, just a couple of brushes, a brush width slider and a transparency slider, a color picker and you're good to go!

my experience i decided to join a dialogue called "abstract bull", i had drawn a bull like two days ago so when i saw this thread it kinda clicked. little did i know that it would have very little to do with my last drawing..(link to 2 day old bull post, they grow up so fast! :) https://steemit.com/art/@misu/lnap475g)


it was all going pretty smooth until i accidentally clicked an add that got through the addblocker or something, i dont know what happend cause i was doing fast strokes. this random betting site loaded in the same window and when i went back my progress was lost.. (L.E. progress is not lost!! i just had to click the orange 'draw' icon, noob! thanks again @opheliafu for helping out!) you'll see at 04:06. no biggie, i was pretty far ahead, but i regret not getting to post it on DADA. i didn't want to leave it unfinished so i grabed the last frame of the recording and added the finishing touches in photoshop. i mean its not finished by photoshop standards but after importing it i decided to stay true to the DADA process and not use the 'higher functions' in photoshop, so no selection masks, no filters and effects, not even zooming in and out :)) ok, maybe i did cheat with a layer or two but thats it!!
all in all it was fun and i think ill have another go at it one of this days, hope you enjoyed it as well!

thanks @opheliafu for posting about this platform and leading me to it!

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Glad you tried it out. If you click back on the orange drawing icon it may come up with one of the previous drawings you started. I often start an image and then go back later to add more. Worth giving it a go to see if you can retrieve it.


ha! that worked! thanks!! thats a good feature to have


Fantastic! Glad it worked for you - I'll keep an eye out for your drawing on DADA :D


no need for that, i'll get the spam bots to link it to all your posts or something haha


but seriously, ill leave a link here in the comments :)

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

it was all going pretty smooth until i accidentally clicked an add that got through the addblocker or something, i dont know what happend cause i was doing fast strokes.
It should be what happened instead of what happend.

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well how did that happen?! :) i am now, thanks @artzone!