AI algorithms + cat fur = endless fun

in art •  10 months ago  (edited)

spent the night doodling in fur with my AI 'apprentice', it has a lot of potential once you start to understand what it does with what input, how it interprets and renders it

there is a bit of guesswork but thats sort of rewarding in a silly way, not really knowing where its going, i find it deeply relates to all artistic processes

who can say they know how their neurons fire or release chemicals in order to produce the shapes that constitute an image?? is that the line you really wanted or did it just happen and you were so satisfied with it that you said its just as you pictured it? or did you just get served a bad line and you think you've made a mistake?! are we making or just witnessing art, or both?
so in that sense the creative process is a black box experiment, adding a external layer of semi-ambiguous artificial filters shouldn't be a big deal

go visit their website and try it if you haven't, try it some more if you have, its really cool to play with and food for thought too

*song is "Air" - from the OST of the musical "Hair" (1979), maybe the best of the OST but weird enough it didn't actually make it into the movie

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