My tattoo sketches! Can be ordered.

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Hello friends! You all know that I am a tattoo master, and I also draw sketches to order. Perhaps it will be interesting to someone to get a sketch from me, naturally not for free, but maybe someone has interesting ideas that you want to translate on paper, write to me! I will be glad to cooperate!


Just had a quick look at your Instagram. Great that you are not letting your talent go to waste and decided to become a tattoo artist. It's a rare talent.

They are magnificient!!

thanks you)


These are really great sketches. Specially the wabbit!

Impressive collection of artworks:)

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These are so wonderful ! The details are lovely and the designs of each piece is very nice <3 I love how you shade * ___ * Gorgeous pieces, @miss.dara :) I think maybe if you put prices people will pay attention more to your post about selling them?

Good luck, as always :)

Prices are individual, I will not ask for a certain amount.

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You have a very strong graphics. I wonder where such unusual stories come from?

my fantasies

this is lovely as ever @miss.dara

How have you been?

thanks ) good

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