Girl gamer (drawing)

in art •  10 months ago

Hello friends! I want to share with you my old job, this girl is a gamer.

The work is drawn on A4 sheet, colored pencils.

What kind of games do you like, and do you like girls of gamers?

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wow this is really good, would put it on my wall.

Wooooow beautiful


I really like.

Great drawing. You are very talented.
Keep your skills up by posting your art, daily.
I believe I will follow you and remember . . .
giphy (23).gif


thanks you dear)

great one @miss.dara, love it 😊


this is awesome work, an artist doing what she love, i like it , looks great


thanks you)

like is a friend, girl gamers it is fun we are invite ngobrol.postingan a good friend.


Really Beautiful 😍


always lovely, my dearest friend.

your sketches are awesome... keep them all.

they are priceless

really nice one i like it well done Dara,


thanks dear)

This is very inspiring for me. Thank you:)

I can already see this picture used in Youtube Mixes.
Great art.

Good work, @miss.dara! May I listen the music which hear this girl?

Amazing work Dara 😊 💐 ! Please draw Cirrilla AKA Ciri from "Witcher 3" game series ❤️

Ciri Gif.gif

Amazing work, looks like she could be my baby sister. Thank you for sharing !

God, you're amazing. Really great work. You're very talented.

Nice post, i am happy

You are a great painter miss.dara (65).

Ability should be the only metric a gamer is measured by- gender need not be a factor...