700 subscribers!

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Friends! My number of subscribers has increased to 700, I think this is not the limit, but for me this figure means a lot. I am very glad that you so appreciate my work my photos, so I decided to show a little imagination and on the sheet not only write, but draw, because I'm a creative person! I'm very, very happy, I can say it again and again. I like it here, you are all kind and good people who support each other. I am very pleased, because I did not expect this, thanks to all my friends who evaluate me, write reviews, both positive and negative, I'm happy with anyone, as I strive to develop and improve! I love you very much and are very grateful to everyone! WITH LOVE, POLINA ♥


Congratulations @miss.dara, I hope to see more of your work for a long time ;)

Congratz! Love your work. You got me hooked few weeks ago with the sphinx and her amazing eyes and details. Keep it up!

wow)thanks you)

Congrats on 700 Followers! Those penguins are so cute! :3

hehe) thanks you very much)

Yeah! keep it on, congratulations.

This not the end keep congratulations

congrats! I'm at 600 myself

Congratulations too! thanks

Congratulations! And nice work too! :)

Really awesome! Great skill
Kindly help me upvote and resteem this post

Congrats! You truly deserved it!

Congrats on 700! That's a good number that will keep growing and those penguins are so adorable! 😀

Thanks you:)

Wow congratulations I’m your 709 follower. I just started here and find the art community and lovers of art to be amazing and so supportive giving artists back their power and allowing them to recognize the ability to creat something of great value from the most minimal resources. Here is to the next 700

OMG beautiful !!!!

Congrats the arwork is outstanding!

You have a new folollwer



Congratulations to you Miss.dara.

These results are a tangible proof of your work

thank you very much! I tried to !

congratulations !!! ,
have a good day with your many followers in steemit comunity @miss.dara

Wow! Congratulation for your success. Wish you good luck.

Happy to be friends 💞

Awesome! Congratulations. Keep on Steeming.

You've got one more follower!

Your beautiful art work made me gothrough your profile. Amazed :)

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