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RE: Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #104 'The guy who took the photo'

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I loved this photo, @velimir. I am just sorry that you used this idea first, and that it wasn't me. I have recently taken to always photograph my own shadow, because I feel that there is some real beauty in the emotion of the body language. This one, for instance, was taken at a school reunion in 2012.

This was my very first silhouette photo. I am on the left, my beautiful, tiny sister to my right. What made it so very special to me, is the way that my sister is standing close to me, leaning in towards me. We have a very close bond, and I think it is clearly seen on the photo. What do you think?

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Oh, this is a very nice one, indeed! I love the way you created the spacial relationship. thank you for posting it, I really enjoy it :)