Original Art Photography Series by @velimir #104 'The guy who took the photo'

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The name of this art photograph is: 'The guy who took the photo'

It looks only like a shadow of a person but actually, it is a very metaphoric piece. When I took the picture, I wasn't fully aware of its value. It soon came to me as I looked deeper. The unconscious mind works that way, sometimes.

The grass is a green symbol of life. However, there is a fence separating the person from the grass. The person obviously wants to go there but the fence is blocking the way. The person could climb over if it wasn't for the fear of letting go. That's why he's holding on to the fence, the very symbol of his own limitations. This is strongly suggested by the straight dark lines and the hand holding on to them.

Notice the position of the body in relation to the fence. The feet are rooted in the shadows but the head is above the fence. The washed out greens in the top fourth suggest that the person knows the right way. The light is there.

Is the picture sad? No! Is it happy? No! It's meant to be a vehicle for the thought. A wise person once told me: "You only need two things in life - roots and wings". So, Shadowman, let go of the fence, use your wings!

Enjoy! :)

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Forget fear and fly high! A nice way to present human behaviour, b'coz of limitation he/she routed and restricts themselves to the ground even when they can fly high to reach to the goals/dream.

Someone told me, 'every picture tell you a story' saw a nice example today 👍

@velmir nice photography...upvoted!
Nice thought to enlighten human nature...followed!


Nothing is more beautiful than a thoughtful comment first thing in the morning. :) Thank you!

Thank you...:) you deserve it, with the beautiful pic and thought!

Shadow creature!

yes. lol :D

I loved this photo, @velimir. I am just sorry that you used this idea first, and that it wasn't me. I have recently taken to always photograph my own shadow, because I feel that there is some real beauty in the emotion of the body language. This one, for instance, was taken at a school reunion in 2012.

This was my very first silhouette photo. I am on the left, my beautiful, tiny sister to my right. What made it so very special to me, is the way that my sister is standing close to me, leaning in towards me. We have a very close bond, and I think it is clearly seen on the photo. What do you think?

Upvoted, followed.

Oh, this is a very nice one, indeed! I love the way you created the spacial relationship. thank you for posting it, I really enjoy it :)

I'm a big fan of your work!

thank you!

This so deep i knew the message behind the picture before i read it

wow nice man!

his shadow? what is the shadow of a very dark love like a starless night?

Great evocative post! Followed.
Follow me @velimir.

Interesting post and image!

Thanks For Of Photographt ITs AmaZinG.

Shadow is like a mirror of the spirit

Cute game of the imagination, thank you.

Nice picture..... you described in greater extent👍

Thanks for sharing.

I love that o! Its so o deep and thought full

good post I hope to back upvote

thank you, will look at your blog!

photography nice

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great post sir

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