Bring aheey to life -submission "warpaint" Session 1

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This is my first phase of sketching for Jamie Le Fays competition Bring Ahe'ey to Life.
I have an exhibition coming in few days (PANIC!) but I'm not making any new works for that one, so i got few moments to devote to #bringaheeytolife. I listened to the first chapters available on audio few times, and I'm catching up with the rest of the story.

The scene is from chapter nine with the young Sky left to fend herself against some Hu’urei. She is here reaching for the blood of one of the attackers to paint her face.

I am working with the windows paint program, starting out pretty rough trying to save detail for later - of course i could not help myself on some areas. I may switch to another program to add colors but we will see. There is room to make changes on background and details like the armor, I got the feeling it was pretty light in this scene. Looking forward to hear what does the author have to say @jamielefay ?

Competition is up at:

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I just did a really deep reintroduction post, if you care to know about the artist behind the works:

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I like it. Yes, it's dark, but it was a dark moment for Sky. And despite the darkness, you can see her youth. I'd like to see it with some colour, but I think the concept is great.

Thank you. I will be working on it some more in next few days and most likely will introduce color once everything is shaped out a little more. I was already tempted but it would make things difficult at this early stage.

Excellent work congratulations

Thank you. It will get better as i work on it some more, i hope

It’s great to see Ahe’ey represented in the unique styles of the artist. This entry is indeed the darkest of all submissions and the most individual. Sky is portrayed strong and powerful. Thank you for your submission. I'm enjoying the artistic diversity of each entry. J.

Thank you, it is a fun challenge. There is some connection I feel, maybe it will help. This will flesh out more in coming days, hopefully to your liking.