Original Art series by @mikepedro #20 'DIGITAL DESIGN'

in art •  11 months ago

Finishing off todays posts ill leave you with a few more recent digital creations.

'UNTITLED" By @mikepedro

'INFINITE BLOOM' By @mikepedro

isa lego.png

Lego Version of 'ISA" By @mikepedro

This Lego version was made on lunpix.com For any artist you can find heaps of amazing effect to play around with and its free.

ISA mike pedro.jpg
Original 'ISA' By@mikepedro

Thank you for taking a look at my art.
Hope you liked what you see...

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steem footer 2.png

Much Love @mikepedro

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The top one looks like two people dancing. Awesome!


Ha, You think so? Its funny what people see in art and how differently it is interpreted. Thank you!


Definitely. They look like they are looking up into the camera throwing their arms up. Lol.
Very true, I always see different things in my art than what my collectors do. Makes it personal for them.

Great artworks dude...I really follow you


Thank you @bitpost much appreciated :)

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