Original Art series by @mikepedro #16 'WARPED'

in painting •  9 months ago

Hello all,

Making art has kept me away from steemit this week. But that means now i have heaps to show you...As always with these images, I start with a photo of my original art. Then I run it through a series of effects on the mac.

'WARPED' By @mikepedro

Think 'WARPED' would make rad carpet!!

13 mikepedro.jpg
'THIRTEEN' By @mikepedro

Welcome mikepedro.jpg
'UNTITLED' By @mikepedro

Thanks for taking a look, if you liked what you've seen please take a look at my other art posts...




Thanks and much love @mikepedro

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all about your discussion will be very beneficial if we could understand more.may success always in your career @mikepedro


Hello, @mirja.mario ill be posting more... thank you.

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