Sketchbook: Circa...back in the day

in #art3 years ago

These days I'm pretty much 100% digital. I used to always have a sketchbook on me, to the point to where it was awkward when I hung out friends who weren't artists.

At some point after school when I started to hang out more with work friends vs school friends, it wasn't as fun to be the only one drawing with everyone else chatting like normal people, so I started taking my sketchbook with me less and less. Then working on a job, my employer gifted me a Microsoft Surface and that was pretty much it for sketchbooks, because I fell in love with my Surface.

Let us look back and remember the days of raw paper and pencil!(...and pen)













Let me know what you guys think in the comments! Don't forget to upvote, resteem, and all that jazz.

Do you guys keep a sketchbook? Bring em out! bring em out!

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Thanks for looking guys!


Crazy good drawings!

Thanks @across-the-moon! :)

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Wow, you make me want to draw more often. I gotta step it up!

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wowowowowow amazing sketches * ___ * i love how you capture a person's character so easily with your pencil/pen strokes * ___ * gorgeous forms <3 <3 <3 and your shading is so niiiiiiiiiiiiice * ___ *


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Wow looks amazing! You are the Master of sketches!! I have one sketchbook but still not sketch much

Thanks as always @livvu! Can't really claim to be a master of anything, but I'm glad you like! :)

You are really professional, inspried me to sketch more !

I wish I could draw like that :/
Great style you have there .. Upvoted + Followed

It all starts with that first drawing @huielbashir :) This is a sketchbook after several years of drawing for hours everyday. Give it a shot, you'd probably be surprised at how fast you improve! Thanks for commenting! :)

Cool man, I never saw a lot of those.

Thanks @sisler003, yea some of these are from this one sketchbook I lost. I was hella bummed.