Past Away Animation - I hope you like gifs

in #art6 years ago

Don't even think about opening this on your phone, you're probably just asking for a bad time. This will probably be a pretty beefy download even on some computers.

Anyway, did you guys think I was done milking Past Away? Almost, not quite. After this I'll probably do one more post where I show the storyboards and animatics then I'll be done, promise.

Anyway let the spam continue! So I really wanted to try my had at 2D animation in this project as well. I was already pretty familiar with animating in After Effects and compositing, but 2D character animation was totally new. It was really fun and I learned a lot, blah, blah, here's the art! ;D















Probably gotta win some badge for most animated post or something. Upvote, comment, resteem if you like gifs!

Thanks for looking!


What?!? This needs to be on top! So georgous! I wish I could do that. It looks so professional... You're the best! Upvoted and Followed

Thanks so much @jrej! I appreciate it :)

if i could resteem this twice,i would


Haha, thanks @veryspider! I'll pretend you did and be twice as grateful :)

wowow WOW wow~ so gorgeous and beautiful animation~ very smooth and so well coloured <3 AMAZING AMAAAAAAAZING i love this post omg

upvotes and resteems

like seriously amazzzzzzzzzzzzzing

This is absolutely Brilliant! Your posts always amaze me!

Thanks @uncleroro! Glad you like it :)

This is so awesome man!
This needs to get more recognition!
Keep up the great work! ^_^

Thanks @varunpaherwar! I really appreciate it!

Omg I never can do like this. Great artworks!!!


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WOW dude incredible work!!

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