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Energy plus time is equal to art, 🎨
The three make a whole, each separate part.
This is the formula needed for creation to spark. ⚡
To bring something to life,
So you can make your mark. ✏

To be inspired you must first aspire,
Respire slowly, 😌
Watch life transpire.
If you think too hard then you might overload, 😤
Put the brush to the canvas and start to unload. 🌋

Action is key, 🔑
Reactive isn't how you should be.
Position energy right and watch your mind run free. 🏃
To create is to know God.
And to play a part in creation.
There is no greater joy, or form of elation. ☮


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Peace and love fellow Artists!


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very beautiful, you did yourself, right?


The poetry is mine yes. The image is from Pixabay. I write a lot so I've been using Steemit to share my thoughts and jottings. Thanks for the feedback...^


great, you are welcome

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

That really is an AWESOME piece of writing @mickolas and did NOT get anywhere near the attention it deserved!



Lol. Thank you 😊 This is my thing, I just speak from the heart n through that action unfolds art..

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