"Quilled Phoenix" - Glass Art Inspired by a Legend

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Quilled Phoenix 2.JPG

In many cultures (mine included), there are mysterious legends about the phoenix
- a large bird that dies in a large fire once in every 1000 years and then reborn.

Even though nobody has seen it (yet), I decided to dedicate this work
to celebrate this glorious creature.

The technique I used was inspired by an intricate paper art form called quilling,
which entails taking long paper strips and rolling them to create 3D figures.

Along with the quilling technique, I also adopted the much-respected
kiln-casting method Pate de Verre.

To create the fine strips, I used some very thin ceramic fiber moulds and fine glass frits.

The colors of the phoenix are reflecting the colors of the fire and sun.
They turned out to be really vibrant and striking as the glass was burnt
in a relatively low temperature.

What do you think of the "Quilled Phoenix"? 😀

Thank you for dropping by and have an awesome day! 💕


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These are up FOR SALE,
so if you're interested to own these pieces,
please leave a comment below!

Thank you! 💕

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