My Son's Pangolin-mon Drawing by @rigaronib's Holi-Art-Day #48

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Hello Steemian's! I hope you all had a great day.


First of all I would like to thank @rigaronib for giving my son a permission to draw his original arts.


I prepared all the things that my son must use before getting started.

  • Open the art of @rigaronib
  • Some colors pens
  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • A paper

28275094_1689848941080378_404153772_o (1).jpg

He was so excited to draw this art. I told him to wait me first but still he took the pencil and the paper from my hands. Haha. He wanted to draw because that's what he like to do.


He drew this about 10 minutes and for me it was just great.


And now it's done. For my son, he thinks that the art that he drew was just a simple thing but for me it's one of my son's best drawing.


Seeing his face as happy as most of the children wanted to be an artist is just a great feeling for me. Keep up the good work son!

Thanks for visiting my article and if you want to see the original art of @rigaronib, please visit:

Please follow and support him as well. Thank you.

Thank you to @bobiecayao for mentoring me. He is one of the good leaders in #steemunity and one of the supporters of #thaisteemgroup in Thailand.

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Special Shout-Out to @thaiteam and @tookta of th Steemit Thailand Community.



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Great job little man 👍😂😄


Thanks @valensia 🤣

Wow. That is one wonderful drawing. So young to be so talented.


Thanks you, Ma'am.😊

wow, way to start them off young! Better than I could draw. I upvoted and followed you - if you get the chance, check out my blog, I think you'll enjoy it


Yeah, must practice them till they'll be better. 😊 son likes art too., but he doesnt want to draw.. he wants to play with the paint..thats why i feel you..for them its just a simple art..but for us parent its one of the best...


A simple start of a better future.😊

Very talented .. he's really good in drawing .. just continue to support him sir ..


I'm to support him what he wants to do. 😊 I will do my best for him to achieve what he wants.😊