My 7 Year Old Son's Spiderman Drawing

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As of my 2 days holiday given by my school, I thought of an idea of showing my son's talent in drawing. He likes to draw his favorite super-hero, Spiderman.


When I took my son from school yesterday and while driving going back home, I asked him what drawing would he like to draw when we come home. Of course, he told me he wants to draw Spiderman. He only did his drawing about 15 minutes and I saw that he has a talent on drawing.

This was how he did his drawing yesterday. I hope you guys like it. A simple drawing of my 7 year old son, Mikhail.


This was the material that I had prepared for him.😊

  • Pencils with eraser above
  • Sharpener
  • Color Pencils
  • A Sheet Of Paper


This was the first image that I caught while his drawing his favorite hero. At first, I had no idea what is it.😁


This second image was thing photo that alreadt knew that it was Spiderman. Haha


This image shows that he already done his drawing.


After that, he prepared only 2 colors, a red and a blue color to put it in his drawing.


And now hi did it. He's Spiderman drawing. I really like what he did. He told me that he wants to be an artist in future and we'll never know. I just told him to be what he wants to be that will make him happy. I told him that I will always be here to support whatever he do and he will do in the future.

Here are some of his drawings. I hope you guys like it, too. Cute drawing actually. Haha


This drawing that he made is what Thai people called "Nakhee". I had no idea what is it. Haha


He called this drawing that he made , Tyranoking. Haha. Cool name thou. 😊


In this drawing were Spiderman and Green Goblin. Hope that they would not fight. Haha


And of course, Spiderman with his buddy Deadpool. I don't know actually when did they became buddies, haha.


And the was The Avengers. Ironman, The Hulk and Captain America.


Thank you very much. I hope all you guys like what my son did. It's very impressing for me. 👍

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By just doing what he loves and the father so proud of it! A great post indeed! As a person inclined thru arts when I was still the same age, (as my mom would shut me off from my extreme stubborness as a kid) she will just let me draw the whole time while she is doing the laundry and keep me from distracting her all the time. I see a great potential with you sons ability to do a free-hand on the curves of spiderman's torso (in-fairness well-fit si spiderman haha) and the crossing of arms over the legs. He didn't even have to use an eraser for the supposed to be hidden lines of the leg part :) A continuous downward strokes of the blue and red colors is consistent. Never used a horizontal stroke just to cover a missed part as finishing touches! Let your son see this comment and tell him he's doing a good job with the drawings! I would want to see more super heroes from you, kiddo! Practice yourself making oblongs and circles.


Thanks for the compliment bro @fycee. I will make sure that my son will see your comment. Have a great day!

Wonderful job, Mikhail!

Keep doing what you love. :)


Thank you so much @rigaronib.😊 I'll let him draw some of your arts. It would help him to improve his skills.😊


Practice makes perfect!


I'd shown your drawing to my son [email protected] He will draw it one by one and I will show you. 😊


Fabulous! I look forward to seeing it!


I'll post soon @rigaronib😊 and it's a drawing of your latest post😁

Great job on supporting your son sir. It could help encourage him to develop more his talent. I’m sure he is proud of you. Keep it up!


He likes to draw very much so I let him do it nad it's not because of me, it's because of him ti be what he want to be. 😊

Wow galing naman sir michael ng big boy mo , talented ..


Yan ang gusto nyang gawin so go. hehehe