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RE: 🎨 La génèse de Téhérine - Original Painting + Detailled progress

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Reminds me somewhat H.R Giger stuff of course much less creepy...
Very interesting what you do 👏👏👏, it's always a pleasure visiting your blog! 😎

Check this segment of a documentary from a movie that was never made hehe


Thank you @melooo182! Sure I know Giger. No Giger = No Haedre :D
Yeah he was the best for total bleak, bone-like, bio-machinery ...
I am a huge fan, finally went visit his museum in Swizerland a few years ago.

And of course I know Jodorowsky's Dune documentary =)
I also have tons of comic books from him; "The Incal", "The Cast of the Metabarons", "The Technopriests", "Megalex", ....

If you like crazy and obscure comics I can recomment to check out for "Philippe Druillet", he had founded the legendary "Heavy Metal" (Métal Hurlant in French) magazine with Moebius and others...

Oh yes Jodorowsky's comics are RAD!!! I have some of them in digital format 😎 the only way I could carry with me given I've become a semi-nomad...because of life circumstances..

Metal Hurlant! oh oui bien sure que je le connais, je vais rechercher en plus le travaille de Philippe Druillet 😃

I have them digital too, always on me =)

Ah and, très bon français ;)

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