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RE: Coloring page for you ! Une page à colorier [ENF-FR]

in #art5 years ago

Oh, I love it! Great to see a coloring page again! I just saw the one from last year the other day and was thinking that it would be fun to see another October coloring page!


I remember when you did a colouring afternoon with your family, was it maybe with Halloween drawing, the cat on the pumpkin..? or the christmas holidays ones..?
I'm happy that your thought reached me at perfect time ;-) And hope to see your artwork, if you find some time in your busy schedule !^_^

I think they did the Christmas coloring page last year. I did the pumpkin one though, I remember! They are all going to be here this weekend so I will print some off and see if we can do some coloring. Perfect timing indeed.

I was sure you did it ;-) so I searched in my files and.....tadaaaaa !43n6t44map.png

Too funny! I never did like that little black patch underneath his lip. It was supposed to be a calico cat and I didn't like the way that particular patch turned out but it was way too much effort to start over just to get rid of it.😂 I'm impressed that you found it.

I had made such a recap for each rendition and I try to keep my files well organized ;-) I knew I had used to do those little posters featuring each coloring pages, and I have a file "Canva" for everything I have made using this site ^_^ So it was easy to find yours back indeed =))

You are very well organized! I could search my photos from last year in October and find it that way. But I am not nearly as well organized as you!

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