Taking a Stand for Organic Living

in art •  last year

I painted this mural "Humanity vs. The Machine” in order to bring urgent awareness to one of the most essential building blocks of life for the sentient being, Food, which is at risk of losing its natural organic design here in the US. The leaders of our political and scientific community, paid for by Big Agribusiness and Biotech, are thrusting GMO food production into a danger zone for corporate profit and power. Here in the US the House, back in August 2016, voted in favor of a GMO labeling bill (also known as The Dark Act). But don't let the newspeak fool you. This bill is an illusion of transparency. This bill undermines organic farmers and benefits multinational corporations who are in favor of denying us our right to know what's in our food! When this bill passed, one of the many things it allowed was Big Agribusiness and Biotech GMO seeds to be used for the cultivation of "organic" food. Just as long as the process of growing GMO seeds is organic does not make the resulting food product organic! Moreover, these careless greedy parasites are trying to make the labeling as confusing as possible, suggesting QR codes or 1-800 numbers to USDA regulated call-centers in place of clear and direct ingredient labels that tell you at a glance, yes or no, whether the food you're about to feed yourself is GMO.

It takes no stretch of the imagination to understand how the very idea of genetically modified organisms risks everything falling into a collapse as our way of life. The research into GMO food production hasn't lasted long enough to see the total effects work themselves out yet. What has worked itself into a place of secrecy, however, is all the evidence on mutations and mass die-offs caused by farm run-off and whatever else Monsanto et al. are spraying on the ground, in our skies, and ending up in our oceans. Remember, it was Monsanto that several decades ago first introduced GMOs in order to grow food in environments that previously could not sustain it by neutralizing soil with its pollutants and the illegal dumping of other chemicals, hazardous means that in no way should ever justify its purported ends.

This is an issue mired in corporate rhetoric that perfectly reflects our current political system & media circus. It is the purposeful creation of a confusing two-party situation that makes no sense whatsoever unless you’re willing to accept profit at the expense of humanity. I became vegan over a decade ago. It was a personal choice to become more conscious about my health, not wanting GMO food or anything unnatural in my diet, as well being deeply concerned about the treatment of animals, and the environmental pollutants the industry produces. There is a war happening on many levels right now and this war on food is no different - all is fundamentally predicated upon individual and collective processes of power, choice, and freedom from the powers that be. PEACE, MEAR

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This is an amazing piece of art concerning a very important topic. Hope your mural is located where many people pass by every day.
You did all the work on you own!