No Good Times for Bees

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There is little doubt now that the world’s most widely used insecticides are bad for bees, because there are tons of evidence that neonicotinoids are harmful to pollinators like honeybees and wildbees.
Research led by Professor David Goulson of Sussex University, probably the leading authority in this field, should be sufficient proof of it.

What we need is a full ban of those harmful substances. However the fact is that economic and political power of the big chemical industry have far more influence than the results of independent scientific research.
Since 2013 the European Union has had a temporary moratorium on using three major neonicotinoids on bee-attractive crops. But at the end of last year its officials decided again to review this topic.

My hope for this new year is that people worldwide wake up and stand up for our tiny flying sisters and brothers!
Warmly I recommend reading David Goulson's book on wildbees, specially Bumblebees:
A Sting in the Tale

Foto: Last year when I visited Manchester I came across this lively mural in a little street of the city centre.
Thanks for your attention. Have a nice day! Spread wildflower seeds everywhere and avoid pesticided food!

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No bees means no plant reproduction.
This is one of the biggest threats for agricultural economy and almost no one know about it.
Thanks for sharing.
Nice pic, by the way.


You absolutely right Angelica, there can not be plant reproduction without Bees. And without plant reproduction there can not be plant yield. Which will eventually affect Agricultural economy. Nice writeup dear friend. Cheers.


People will wake up soon. In China is a whole region where fruit tree plantages are pollineded by hand because of the damage done by heavy pesticide use over a long period of time.


People are definitely waking up now and standing up for Bees protection. And the Chinese are very smart and innovative people. Cheers.

Wowww! This is a nice writeup. Kudos friend. Very informative and concise. Cheers.

Until we wake up worldwide and shut down Monsanto the bees will never recover and our food will never be safe. Everytime a company or group comes up with proof that Monsantos products are killing the bees and poisoning our food supply, Monsantos buys them and buries the research.