@Mayasky paints Steemit; 1st portrait done! Porgress and final results.

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Hi everyone !

I hope you are all having a good start to another week!

I sure am as I just finished my first portrait for my project ''Mayasky paint's Steemit!''

This portrait took forever, haha! But I learned A LOT from the process and ended up having a bunch of fun!

So let me show you the first finished portrait;



This portrait is of the beautiful @thereeleffect. It measures 30 x 40 cm and was painted with oil paints on a gesso primed panel.

The main reason why I chose to paint @thereeleffect was that she submitted a very good refrence photo! It had great light and I really liked her expression.

Here is the photo that she submitted;


One of the main things that I had to struggle with during this process was the drawing. I had an aha moment in the mddle stage of the painting where I realized that I was basically painting a very different person. That called for som pretty harsh changes and I had to repaint the whole portrait.

I was pretty good at taking progress photos during ths project though and ofcourse I am going to share them ;)

To start the portrait I used a mixture of blue and red to create a underpainting color and started drawing the big lines and proportions of the face.

In this photo you can see that I am still working wery general but I have used a paper tissue to soften the lines and shapes. I like to work with veru thin layers of paint in the beginning of the painting and use paper tissue a lot to rub away excessive paint and wrong marks.

When I have my soft markings more or less in a good position I go in with harder thinner lines to give myself some solid refrence points. I am still working very general though.

In this stage I am starting to move away from the general to the more spesific characters of the shapes and features of the persons face. I am mainly doing this by working on the shadow shapes.

The painting is still just an underpainting , meaning that I am currently just working with one mixture of paint. I am adding in a value in the hair and more value range in her face to give myself more of a better visual impression.

This was the end of day 1 and the last stage of my underpainting. At this point I thought the drawing was pretty good, which is pretty funny looking back, haha! Oh well... We always learn! ;)

This was the start of day 2. I used a pretty dry brush and went in wth a general color and value to give my self a thin layer of value to work from. At this point I still didn't think too much about the fact that I needed to change the drawing, I thought I would get more likeness when I started to add more paint.

So here I have added a bunch of values and skincolors and this is where I am realizing that I can add all the paint in the world, but unless I change the drwing drastically, I will not be happy with this painting...

So this happened... yes, no mercy.. In other words ''Kill your darlings''. It just needs to happen sometimes. I went in with my shadow value and repainted the whole face. First though I sat and stared at the photo for the better part of an hour to try and figure it all out.

And boom! Lets start the process all over again! re adding the shadow shapes and working my way out into the lightshape working, again, from more general to more spesific.

I also ended up remixing all the skincolors. I had them too warm and needed to add more cools to get the light and feel I was after.

This is the end of day 2. The face is completely re-modeled and Iam way more exited about continuing the painting!

Start of session 3. At this point it was all about getting more spesific and working on the more precise likeness of the individual features. I started with the mouth.

Then I repainted the eyes and nose. Not to the finished point but I got a lot more detailed.

This was the end of the third session. again, almost everything was repainted and remodeled. Not to the dramatic extent as the previous time though but there is a clear difference.

Start of the 4th and final session, todays work! So today I started the session with the painting the hair. I also wanted to re paint the jawline and get a more unified shadowshape.

here I am adding in more of the background and the sweater. I wanted to give this painting a light background not only because that is the case in the photo but because I really like light backgrounds. I chose to go a bit more gray and blue in my painting though, compared to the warmer greens in the original photo. Why you might ask, just a prefrence thing. ;)

So now I am getting close to the end. Still tweekens smaller stuff like the features while filling in the background.

And there we go! Finished!!




To be a hyper perfectionist I could still point out certain drawing mistakes, but hey! All in all I think it turned out pretty ok.

What do you think?

I wanna give a huge thanks to @thereeleffect again for giving me the opporunity to paint her beautiful face and to all of you who have submitted photos for me to paint! Thank you! I already have one more in the making which I hopefully will post about soon;)

And with that I wish you all a wonderful week ahead!



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A beautiful portrait. Very cool talent. Thanks for taking the time to post about it. Cheers!


Thank you very much @freeinthought! My pleasure! :)

You Paint Beautifully

Your interpretation of the the photo is soooooo good.

It's not often that I will trust myself to start the painting without a drawing ready, especially with a portrait. That takes a lot of skill @mayasky .

I enjoy the way you left the bottom part of the canvas "loose". It adds some sense of depth to the picture.

There is life in the way you paint.

Seeing your process makes me want to start painting, to just skip straight to the paintbrush and attempt the process you have laid out here.

Soon enough. I have some commission work to do first, but I'm all hyped up to paint after seeing this post.

I re-steemed it because I know somebody else is definitely going to be motivated by this as well....

This post is a great resource for the Steemit Art Community!

Thanks for the Inspiration. I'm looking forward to seeing you Paint Steemit.


Wow! Thank you so much for your indepth and super sweet comment @art-mess! 😍🖌😊

I am so happy to be able to inspire and I appreciate very much your resteem and taking the time to read and reply 😊

After painting this portrait I do think I will make a little drawing for my next painting though, heheh... It was killing me a bit a times ;)

Thank you so much again!!



You are very welcome @mayasky. I always enjoy seeing you come up in my feed. I can't believe this post only made $4. This is such a great resource for the Steemit Art Community and a really cool project. That is why even though it is already passed payout we wanted to show you a little love from @helpie.

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Beautiful, beautiful, bravo, bravo!!! How you made her live expression, entered her lovely character, I have no words good enough for your portrait works. If I was closer I would beg you to take me for painting classes as your student @mayasky, and I mean this for real.


Thank you SO very much sweet @jungwatercolor!! <3 :D You are so kind! And it wuld be my pleasure to have you as my student! :D

Man this is so cool! I really enjoy these progress pictures! Im always impressed how someone can do this starting from a blank canvas with just some paint and brushes (and a lot of determination and patience of course!). You mentioned 4 sessions, how long do you typically work in a session? Im just curious how much time it takes you to paint this :) FYI i’ve been searching for a good picture of myself but couldnt find anything good in my opinion. If i find some good one at some point all pass it to you! Thanks for sharing your work on steemit!


Thank you so much for your comment and compliments @michelmake! :)

I would say I worked around 4 hours per session on this painting, so lets say around 16 hours in total.
I usually keep my sessions around 4 hours as I tend to go a bit ''blind'' after that point and often end up making wrong decisions.

Thank you for looking to see if you had any photos! :) I appreciate it! If you do find one you think would work, don't be shy to send it ;)


I will for sure! Your comment regarding “getting blind” is interesting. I used to do a lot of sketching when I was younger. I started working on portraits too. And indeed often times I got stuck after a few hours and messing things up or loosing interest. I guess a large part of doing this stuff is dealing with yourself. I'm guessing its even worse for painting as it's more complicated and more things can easily get messed up!

Wow...you have some serious talent! ;-)


Thank you @denniskonstantin! :)

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Really enjoyed this post @mayasky. Love seeing how a painting evolves through process sets like this and there is such a warmth to the portrait too - love it :)


Thank you so much @adamfryda-art! :D

Beautiful work @mayasky 👌🎨😊 I love the skintone colours you got at the end especially in the shade. Nice rendering on the hair, and Im also fan of keeping the background loose a little bit. Thanks for sharing the progress photos, I enjoyed reading trough the stages. Happy steeming, following and looking forward to see more art from you.


Thank you very much @andraskalmar-art!! 😊😊 I appreciate the follow and that you took the time to read and comment! I'm happy you enjoyed my post!

you are so fast and so adept, wow!!! you've captured her beautifully, so impressive.


Thank you so very much @natureofbeing!! It makes me very happy to hear you calling me fast as I always think I'm rather slow, hehe! 😉🖌


lol, I can completely relate! anything of value really does take time doesn't it!

So beautiful artwork! And great project you create for Steemit community


Thank you so much @livvu! It's my pleasure, really! 😉🖌❤

wow amazing art


Thank you! :)

This is so beautifuuul!!


Thank you so much! 😊




Beautiful portrait Very good technique! Congratulations!!!

Thats amazing! Doing portraits is one of my passionsas well. I love your work, please keep posting! ^^

Wow! This is unbelievably good! I'm baffled! I loved the way you shared this detailed and thought out process post. I'm following and reesteming!

Great stuff. Whenever I see process shots I am one of the dummys who starts thinking "I could do that" but, no, actually I couldn't. Your work is just very pleasing.

If you ever take more submissions have I ever got an ugly mug for you. Was hit in the face with a chainsaw 5 years ago. I don't know, I think it gave my face, character.

Pretty fantastic process you have posted here. Its great seeing how the frame progresses.

You must be Boss Ross, but female hehe. I like to draw too. Beautiful painting of a lovely woman with great hair. Good work. Thanks for sharing, hehe. I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold. You can call me Joey.