Rain will drown my sea of memories.. (Original art + Process)

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Hello after a month of not posting I am here again

Yes I am sorry for not being active here, and even on the discord server.. I promised I will but I just dissapeared again, well, I missed out on a lot of things. Drama, (here and the people around me) and people calling out on each other I hate it hhh >~< then me trying to get into college etc. Ooof I am not mentally stable to even write this to be honest but y'know I don't want to dissapoint people haha-

But at the time frame when I wasn't here I have been making and fixing art that I've made!! I've been writing something I'm planning on. AND practicing!

So I have made this art!

Yeah I've made an animation of a video but I wasn't proud of it.. I will post it here on whaleshares.. I won't be excited as I used to be hahah sorry. I'm just not proud of it and I'm sorry.

Anyways lets get onto..

The process!

  • Sketching

We are moving to the sketch! This is where I plan most of the drawing, where the lights, the inspiration for this was.. A funny story haha

I was looking at someones profile when I saw a picture/video of a flashing lights.. Dangling off the ceiling, I think the person was visiting some place, but these lights we're so pretty, I looked at the video to see how pretty the lights flicker on and off.

Then an another picture of someone and this time it's photos and pictures dangling off a string that is attached on the ceiling

So I wanted to combine both of those and voila! I had an idea for a drawing.

Hahah, and combined with a new original character (this is while I was having a hard time and it was kinda a vent OC) I decided to make her the main thing to look at here.

  • Coloring

Then I start to color. First I colored the umbrella
I went with the "lineless" artstyle it was supposed to be an experiment but I ended up making it lineless.

Then as you can see I start to form my OC, named RAIN, she is supposed to he happy but sad person? I cannot explain, but she is always happy but on the inside she is sad. Is my own explanation.

Then here are some screenshots I have nothing to say other than I drew the lineless
Maybe I'll make a tutorial..
Yeah maybe, but as of right now I'm still perfecting this

Fun fact: I didn't mean to make her hair look like that! It was supposed to be long and just blue, but it was a mistake and I ended up making the hair look like its colored with a stripe

  • Starting off with the BG

Then I colored the sea or the pond (honestly don't know what it is)

Then I started to color the bushes, I was thinking making the bushes glow but I kind of scrapt that idea.

Yeah it looks bad..

I draw the basic lines of the pond, like how the water effects the environment and how the lilypad makes the water move

Making the things dangle!!! I love this part of the drawing, but it felt so repetitive aaaa

Adding details for the thing

Then I start to copy and paste



Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Thankyou for reading this. Why are all of you so nice to me?.. I don't understand sometimes.. Isn't the world supposed to be dark and mean..? I'm so glad you all met me and I met you

And I'm sorry for making you all worry.. My swollen hand is fine (its not swollen anymore) and my health is fine too.. Thankyou so much.. I can't say anything but thankyou..

I love you all so much thankyou..


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Very cool artwork, it looks like the title screen of a video game or comic book! I like how you got the dangling lights effect to work. Very detailed description of your process too, I love how many screen shots you showed, so educational! Your art makes me think of a whole world and story for this character Rain.

Thankyou so much I appreciate your detailed comments. Thankyou I will keep it up

Welcome back Maya :D. And I'm glad that your hand is recovering.
It's a lovely drawing, I really like how you make things shine beautifully :).

I've missed you scrawly aaaaaaAA how are you doing ;v;

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What a lovely drawing!

Thanks eversloth! Thankyou

Coll lightning and those lianas, and especially umbrella. Also like the process with comentary :) Arrr

Aaaaaaaaa shucks thanks arrr
I will keep it up

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Very cool work, Maya! So, will you be heading back to Steem or not really?

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