“Mercato di San Lorenzo” An Original Oil Painting by Matthew Holden Bates

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“Mercato di San Lorenzo” Oil on Canvas - 110cm x 180cm ©️Matthew Holden Bates, All Rights Reserved

Some of my paintings are more epic than others. This painting, which I made in 2006, is a very large subject, and has been a feature in my living room ever since it was finished. The dome of the church is so high I had to get on a ladder to paint it. The sky was made by masking out the buildings and airbrushing with oil paint the entire upper right hand side. I rarely use an airbrush in my work, I loved it for a time, but I have learned that most effects that you can get with an airbrush you can get with normal painting techniques. The airbrush is great for skies because it evenly coats everything and it is easy to make gradations just by changing the color of the paint. I say use everything that you can to get the results you want, even if it takes a long time and an enormous effort.


“Mercato di San Lorenzo” detail

There are many people in this painting, each one with their own personality and motivations. I found that working so big it was easier to capture their essence. Of course, these people are not portraiture. I often make modifications to allow for a bit of fictional drama to immerge. Many times I am asked, “but what if someone recognizes themselves in your painting?” and I respond, well, it isn’t them because I made the people in my painting to look how I wanted them to be. It is a type of realism that doesn’t get too hung up on appearances, this is not photorealism, it takes it farther into the metaphysical realm, a place between real and made up.


“Mercato di San Lorenzo” detail

If you look closely at this detail you can see that I found a fun way to sign the painting. I was able to manipulate the logo on the jacket adding my name, and even adding the date as well. I love this kind of intrusion into the design, instead of signing over the painting, my signature is part of the painting in an un obtrusive way, almost unnoticeable. It is these kind of Easter Eggs that make the painting lighter, and less serious, while maintaining the theme and overall design.

©️Google Earth

Since I finished this painting in 2006, Firenze has already changed. This photo, taken from Google Earth, shows that the market is no longer there, and the tower is covered in scaffolding, (for years now). That makes my painting a part of Florence’s history. Strange to think that in a city heaped in its own culture with a history that goes back millenium, that one of my paintings would actually show something that is no longer there.

Thanks for stopping by, I am really happy to share my art with you. Resteems and likes are always appreciated, if you like my artwork, feel free to follow me on Steemit @matteopaints and visit my website at http://www.mattbates.net

Limited edition prints are also available at Curioos: https://www.curioos.com/mattbates

I look forward to reading your comments!

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You are an exceptional artist to follow @mateopaints. Your #art speaks for itself but your way of introducing us to these pieces gets better and better and little more exciting each time. I’m glad we met.

You mentioned the scaffolding has been in place for “years,” what do you think they’re doing the whole time with the bell tower? Do you think they’re removing it or rebuilding it?

Happy Sunday, Matteo!


Thanks Dan! Yea, about the scaffolding, I don’t know what is going on there. There may be some structural concerns, or they simply ran out of money. Firenze is constantly under repair. Renovation and restoration are part of the very fabric of society here. Since everything is always falling down on its own weight, they are constantly having to prop it back up again. It’s too bad about the tower, it is such a pretty piece of architecture! At least you get to see it in my painting 😉

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Thanks for all of your support!!!!🎈🎉

@matteopaints. Don’t pay attention to camillesteemer, that account and several others from that lame defence league downvotes me all the time. See, this is my last article:


Don’t let it bother you. Congratulations on the reward from this post, you’re an amazing talent, Matteo.


I'll definitly take a look at your post, Thanks for the heads up!

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Thanks!!!! I really appreciate your help!! :)

This is a very realistic and nice painting. Whe I saw the thumbnail I couldn't believe it was an oil paintig, I thought it was a photo. The colors are beautiful.



Thanks!!! You are very kind. Lots of hard work goes into a painting like this one, I am glad that you like it. I made a short video yesterday to show you this painting in real life. Here is the link:



You're welcome!

I've just watched the video... 👍

What an astonishing artwork, Matteo. Lovely and minutious details everywhere. I adore the girl who is pulling up her pants. So cute. Ahahaha! 😂


Thank you!!!!! I am really glad you like it! I try to make the people in my paintings be in the moment, I don’t want posed people, I want real life, real experiences, like the girl, striding off into the world, late and bothered by her pants falling down. 👖

Thanks for choosing the @artzone tag!!!, I got you featured in my curation post for today, great job!

Lol the google earth pic, I thought it was another painting of yours hahaha


Haha, good one, this early in the morning I thought so too! But then I was like, too much scaffolding, not my style 😉 Thanks for featuring the post!!!!!!!!

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