🔹 MY ART - Slovakia in my artworks - Trencin city - video process

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Hi friends, let me show you some of my artworks made according to a photos from my country. I would like to start with a small city not far away from my hometown called Trenčín.


This city is one the three oldest cities in Slovakia. It is a geographic centre of its region.

A castle was built there because of its strategic possition.

photo source: https://vyletik.eu/cestovanie/trenciansky-hrad/

I decided to draw three nice places/buildings from this city. The first one on the top is a view on a Trencin castle. There is also a plague column from year 1712.

The next picture showing us a synagogue, one of the most beautiful and unique buildings of this kind in Slovakia.

The last picture is a view on a Birth of holy Mary church. It is situated on a hill called Marienberg. The street is called Parish street (Farska ulica).

There are some photos from creating:

🔹 I had to draw the outline in pencil. The most important were building lines and a right position of the windows.

2017-08-11 (1).png

🔹 I used water resistant liners of three sizes.

🔹 The details are made with thinner liner.

🔹 I used watercolors and only one sized brush.


You can also watch the drawing and painting process of these last picture in a short video I made:


Thanks for watching!


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Amazing art and paintings.

thank you :)

hey, what a great job you did on the video.

did you do all that too? producing the video? I mean.

fantastic, and lovely music too.

I like your drawings, in that you have a confident line and a great visual eye, that much is obvious, but will like them even more when you start to move beyond the line-work some more.

when you look hard at the things you are drawing you realise that many of the lines you are drawing, are really only assumed.
You can't really see them, because of shadows or highlights, or they blend for tones, etc.
Your drawing would be better if you also noted when a line isn't really visible.

That said, don't think I am being too critical, I just wanted to say that in the hope of getting you to draw more like what I like, hahaha

I am sure your work is very popular as it is, and it is lovely.

I assume you sell it pretty well.

Hey don't mind me anyway.

I am already friends with @marty-art and was confused the first time I saw you.

But I am glad to have met you.
Hope you don't take what I said personally.

big hugs

thanks for your comment :) yes, I did also the video.. a music is from a free library .. I usualy choose piano music.. I would also do my own music background, but I have only old piano and the sound cant be recorded well...

thanks for advices.. youre right with it! I havent done this kind of drawings for a longer time.. it was just an experiment.. but I will try it like you adviced...

I should chose better name as I see :D

have a nice day :)


I love your style. Using pen to outline and then fill in the colour with watercolour :)

thank you very much! :)

Very nice style :)

Hi @marty-arts, I will finish looking at your drawings and properly comment in a second, but I just wanted to warn you that you have a typo in the first line, where you wanted to say far and you have put war.

just thought you may want to edit

oh, thanks friend.. I always miss something :D

no problemo
¿no hablas castellano?
I suppose not, you are from Croatia? was it?

Is a beautiful place with beautiful people

Beautiful sketches. I swear you could easily pass by as an architect :)

Beautiful and charming. Ďakujem za krásne fotografie. Steem on.

Im doing my best.. Ďakujem :)

Yes, I like your style and technique! Beautiful! Watercolors are suitable for many approaches.

Very well done. I am always impressed with water color paintings. I work in oil but have yet to be able to make watercolor do what I want it to. Thank you.

thank you.. Im still leraning.. this kind of combination with pen is easier, because you know exactly what that paint does, but without pen, with more water it is more like an experiment for me :D I respect artists who can do this technique to achieve effects they want...