🔹 MY ART - acrylic painting - Past and future

in art •  5 months ago

Hello everyone, how would you paint your past? Would it be dark and gloomy, or colorful? And what about your future?


I wanted to represent what is inside of me and how the past events reflects in present and creates future. I used a symbol of birds, which is one of my favourite and I use it often. Now it seemed to me it can represent toughts, feelings, aspirations and things like that. Something we can not catch or have for a long time, because everything changes and evolves.
The colors have aslo their meaning. Blue and green are cold and express thinking, logic and something frozen. Red, orange and yellow are warm, passionate, creative. But when the activity is too strong, there can be fire.

2018-08-29 (2).png

I used acrylic paints only and a canvas on a frame in a size 70x100cm. I worked on this piece for three days.


2018-08-29 (1).png


Thanks for watching!


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Good post
I like tge use of the whole spectrum of colors to represent all the moods and events of the past
Usyally the past is represented in grey, not a very representative color

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I love the concept and how you managed to transfer that on canvas. I think I can find myself in it :) Great job!

Fantástico trabajo, me gusta mucho tu obra... la combinación de colores es estupenda y deja una sensación de contar una historia completa... me encantó sencillamente.

Such an amazing piece and so vibrant in colour. Funny, today I did a black and white and was ruminating on the zen quality of dark and light. I'm not sure if I'd say my past was in colour or not, probably a mix of both neutrals and vibrant colours.


I love this piece.