Tumblr Girl Drawing :)

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What is up Steemit?

I have been crazy bussy last couple of weeks, but I want to show you one on my illustrations :)

I was very inspired by a combination of factors. Im very into flowers lately, and Ive been a Tumblr fan since forever. Couple of months ago a stumble upon this beautiful picture:

I felt in love with it, and the same day I listened G eazy song Tumblr Girls so I said to myself "Lets paint a Tumblr Girl!"

And this is the result

And this is the song that inspired me :)

Does this happen to you too? Do you get inspired by, apparently, different things and different styles?

Thanks guys!!


Yes, I do enjoy different styles and have wondered about a painting that starts, at the feet in stick figure drawing, moving up the thigh into human progression simple, on into classical greek for the breasts then a piccasso cubist head. Don't take my idea without giving me credit :PP lol Nice work !

Hahaha thats actually a great idea!! But I promise not to steal it!! @rayzzz :))

Nice work man.

thanks a lot I really appreciate it!! @dresden

how long did it take to make?

Mmmm it was made in the course of a couple of weeks, but I think in total it may be around 7 - 8 hours more or less! @skapaneas

Marta, the work is beautiful, the detail very accurate and the colours stunning. The canvas texture adds a lovely feel to the portrait. I am running a little art competition with a nice prize. It would be lovely to have you on board. J.

Hi @jaimelefay! Thanks a lot for your comments, I really appreciate it :)

Give me more details about that competition please!

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