Sandringham Craft and Wood Festival Photos

in art •  5 months ago 

Sandringham; it's just down the road from me and it's where the Queen spends some of her leisure time (as well as the Duke of Edinburgh when he isn't crashing his Range Rover into everyone). It's a massive estate and they often play host to some pretty cool events. This Easter weekend they put on a craft and wood festival and one of the really cool things going on was a chainsaw carving competition. Got some photos of some of the amazing works of art. Didn't see Her Maj though....














Thanks for looking


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These are some awesome pics Mark. Being a fantasy nut, I really like the first one plus the grifen and dragon. They're all pretty impressive though. Looks like an awesome day out 🙂

Happy Easter 🥚

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Wow those are some talented wood sculptors. The face punch one is hilarious, i bet that guy is a pantera fan.

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Wow! I think the cyborg chicken might have been my favorite but lots of those impress! The vertical long necked dragon is cool and the perspective you got of the guy sitting down working on it is great. Great photos!

Beautiful sculptures and good photos ... Greetings ...