Portara, Naxos - office art by @mariandavp

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Before I describe my artwork, I would like to thank each and everyone of you who support my work with their upvotes, comments and resteems and apologize if I haven't managed to respond to all of the comments. I am certainly trying to do so but these days I've been very very busy and also the notifications don't work so I miss many of the replies. In any case THANK YOU!!

Today I am quite excited because I am leaving finally for 4 days on my beloved Naxos Island, my mother's homeland in Greece.

The most recognizable sight of Naxos is Portara (meaning Big Door) which is what's left from an ancient temple right at the port of Naxos. It's quite big actually and for Naxians it is equally important as Acropolis is for Athenians.

Naturally this what it came to mind during today's conference call!

2017-07-13 17.49.34.jpg

As always I used pens, markers and highlighters. Here are a couple of photos of the process.


2017-07-13 17.50.07.jpg

2017-07-13 17.49.34.jpg


That is sooooo beautiful, you are turly talented.

It looks almost identical to the Portara but my favoruite thing about this adaptation is the beautiful skies with a concoction of different vibrant colours.
Great Piece of Artwork!

Thank you @arckrai! The color came out sort of dramatic with all those colors but I am glad you like it!

It look like almost the paradise doors.

Omg that's beautiful... if you ever visit Naxos and Portara indeed at sunset time it's almost the same :)

have a wonderful trip and may you be back with many more wonderful ideas for your art!
these are like doors to another dimension.

I like this "doors to another dimension"! Thank you!

Very nice, Will be looking forward to your posts.

Up-voted :-)


this is talent thanks for share in steemit

Looks like a dream:) A painting with story behind, and I also see something personal:)

You see well, I love this place! Thank you!

Upvoted this Post!! It's Awesome!!

Great artwork a door to another galaxy

Thanks so much!

Have fun in Greece. Draw something from there!

Thanks for posting great work!! We are looking for artists opinion on our crypto wallet art! Check it out here and feel free to comment!



Thank you, will check this out!



Πολύ ωραίο ! Μπράβο σου . Resteemed

Love it all! Amazing! Its times like this when you realize how limited our language system really is. There are no words to truly express how much I/We appreciate the beautiful creations that people like you create. That being said on behalf of all of us Thank you for sharing your creations with your fellow HU-Man (Higher Universal :woman-man)

I upvoted you. Because i love that picture.

Wow! I loved the colors you achieved for the sky! Enjoy your holidays! :)

Reminds me about @sofi-m's Open-door sculpture :d

I want your creativity!

@mariandavp your art is so beautuful. Your drawings are so nice. The shapes. The colours. Am following and upvoting you. Am expecting to see more

Very cool and creative

wow !

We do not notice, each and every glance,
it's a picture frame.

this is a beautiful piece. thanks for sharing @mariandavp

You never seize to amaze @mariandavp... Great art work 😎👍

A beautiful representation of Portara. Love it. :)
In Sept 2017 I visited Naxos, this magnificent island. I fell in love with the island, Greek people and of course the famous cats of Naxos, and I hope this year will have a chance 🍀 to explore it again. ✨I'll try to make a drawing of the Portara - Apollo Temple :)

portara edit.jpg

Very cool! I have never heard of Naxos before this, but I gave it a google and it looks incredible! I hope you have an awesome time! Beautiful drawing :)

Πολύ ωραία δημιουργία @ mariandavp¨!!! Οπως πάντα!!!

Great artwork! Wishing you a happy journey.

Woah I like your colorful style! Nice to see how you built it up :) following you for sure!

It s really nice!! Bravo

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