Inhaling Human Falsehood In Perspective Levels of Human Awareness (Acrylic on Canvas)

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Do not be proud of your own form, do we recognize ourselves that are not in control of your emotions. Starting from the absence, yes the human origin started from the absence, the human begins with the will of God with the provisions of the law meeting the egg with sperm man and finally ihktiar is acc by the god of the world's most brilliant scenario.

I'm human, yes human but do I know what humans are?
And my most basic instrument of control?
And I will be controlled by what instrument?
Whether by a real consciousness or a pseudo-shadow awareness that is far from the core of creation ..

Humans have Intellect, Heart, Appetite, and lust sex in him. Of course we have that element and the question is stronger where that element is in control of us.

There are 3 levels in man, for me as a writer that is:

The first level:
This level is the highest caste in man that is the level of how he has melded with his god, leaving materialistic things and prioritizing the humane, rational, universal, transcendent rationality, mutual love and in his life tends to hope only against his god is not a recognition of man because in this stage is not willing to get a cue, and praise that finally betrayed his love for his god.

The second level:
This level is the middle level trying to leave for the first level. This second level reduces Metaphysics in the caste of the level of consciousness of thought and its action, the second of which human beings have abandoned materialism because in this level, the orientation of leadership over him spread the things that his orienstation to the awareness of things that know the position of his God, the position of Nature The Universe, and the position of Man. So this level of consciousness is a form of resistance to the dogmatic shelter of deci- sion created by the man who reduces in the conclusion of his thought which ultimately stimulates to the instrument of reason, heart and lust.


Third level:
This level is the lowest level in the level of human consciousness, because in this third level of awareness is more priority Ratio and force the will how to get something, impose, want to get recognition, away from basic natural elements and often inside stimulate thinking and motion, rationalizing the irrational, inhuman, and not universal because it tends to be dogmatic and inflexible to have no socio-cultural value in its conclusions.

We know humans have koneksifitas in him that consists of:


Well, humans have strong connectivity and live with human free will, the question is man wants to be controlled by the strongest connectivity what in controlling himself Please take the conclusions and interpret personally from Reason, Conscience, Lust, and lust by yourself ...

"And today we as human beings who tend to leave in their footsteps with consciousness Emotions are not the deepest consciousness of the heart"

Today, me and other humans are at the level of Kasta ..

It may be at the lowest level, do not even recognize me the truth but only in the shadow of pseudo not the Essence ..


"And say: the righteous has come and the vanity has vanished, verily the vanity is a sure thing Vanish"

Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my post. I hope that you learned something useful from this post and you can enjoyed. God Bless You!


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It's amazing I just had this topic in mind when I came across this. I think your art illustrations are very special. You've got a unique style that resonates with me a lot! I also enjoyed reading your posts although I gotta admit that I sometimes struggle with the really long sentences in there and I had to rewind. :)
All in all: great work. I'm following.

Whoaah, it's an honor for me that you are so detailed to read every post of my works, whether it's the illustration or the content of my article. I really appreciate the support you give me this, honestly I'm very happy to share to the crowd about what I'm thinking, and I always hope that every thing I make can be useful to everyone who read it, forgive me if my English is very less, so you have to read and repeat in order to understand, until now I still learn and continue to sharpen my English. I will follow you back my friend, regards :)

Thank you very much

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When we've done our best and still fail, what else do we have to do? How many times do we have to try until we know we are at the limit? How many times do we have to accept the fact that we are not talented, that something is not our way of life, then step back? I now know the answer. Thank you for the lesson about perseverance. Now, I know. The most important question is not how many times we fail, but how many times we rise again, again, and again and again after the failure. If we fail 1000x, then make sure we get 1001x again.

Thank you for giving me support @creativecrypto :)