"Hot Shots" Video Game | Concept Art

in art •  3 months ago 

Hey everyone, here is something else I been working on for a while now.
Its a client gig /project and we got the permission to showcase some concept art for now.

Ship concepts for "Hot Shots" video game project.
More info coming int he near future as the project is in baby state for now.








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Very cool, I've always found my greatest weakness in my game development is in the concept art. Everyone loves it, its usually faster than the "real" thing. Yet I never spend the time on it.

Thank you for your comment!I totally understand. It took me a decent amount of time to adapt to all this concept art field and actually started on films and tv series before jumping into games which is quite a different approach. I believe even with it being a weakness, it can be trained, at least from what I have personally experienced coming solely from illustration and traditional background.

Awesome! I love scifi spaceship concept design art. I have a couple books of concept art from star wars and other sci films and I love looking through the original sketches. These look like they mean business, especially with the larger gun mountings :)

Τhank you so much, Carlgnash! I also love collecting concept art books from movies and they are always inspiring! my favorite one has to be the District 9 concept book! Im glad you like those designs and I appreciate the comment! :)

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