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I really like your honesty. And I have really loved your art reviews and insights. My daughter has artistic talent and I try to help her get ahead in the field even if she is just 11 years old. She is not quite in the familiar situations as you was, but I try to see the big picture in this. And what I try to teach her is that you cannot control the result only the present action. Just like playing golf, it is one hit at a time, not “I am going for the win” . Winning is an emotional state, not something you can act out in the now. At least thats my teaching. Would love your comments on it. Keep it up Steemswede my friend :-)
Oh and btw, your art is pretty good. It seems like a troubled birth or something like being not what was expected or somewhere between trying to fit in and wanting to get away at the same time, since forever


Yes, art should definitely not be about winning. I think my problem is rooted in that creating art got associated with the sibling war for my parents attention. And that in itself obviously stems from an unhealthy family culture. "you cannot control the result only the present action" oh yes, I think this is valid for everything in life. You seem to be a wonderful father, and with a sound foundation she will also have a sound approach/relationship to art/creation.

Oh those “brotherly” competitions. I had a younger brother myself and to some extend I can identify with it, albeit both of us was not that conpetitive or at each others throats. We were just very different.
I have since deFOOed and have put all that grinding boredom of family behind me. I would advice anyone with family “problems” consider that. Adulthood is on the other side of family of origin (FOO) :-)
Thanks for your kind words on my fatherhood. It is why I have turned to philosophy for 10 years :-)

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