MagicCleatus Animates: 2D running stickman - an animated template

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Hello everyone!

For today, I thought I would share the template I created to guide me when I'm designing sprites for video games that I work on.

I use these 8 simple frames as a loose guideline when drawing a character's sprite-sheet.

When the animation plays it looks like this,

To make the animation smoother I placed the previous position of each frame under the current displaying frame at a reduced opacity.

I also sped up the animation and this time when played it looks much smoother,

There you go! I find this quick guide proves to be very effective. Are there any animators out there that work similarly? Or have any tips to further improve my sprite creation?

Hope your week is starting out well!


Wow this is cool. I think the slower one works the best - that could be my age though 😂
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Really neat animation - it's interesting to see the process, especially as someone who has never tried making animations before. Great post, upvoted & resteemed :)

Awesome magiccleatus!
I LOVE it! It is interesting the stickman already has quite a particular character, and style of running - actually pretty damn funny! Nice one :D

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