Quarantine Giving me time to Create

in #art3 years ago

so, we're in quarantine so I realized, why don't I make something with that...
I love art, I'm a graphic designer which is a good way to start with art and drawing
so I just started learning drawing, my goal is to make a character and make a 1-minute animation.
but until then, I'll stay with my stuff...
anyway, I started making some things

this is a hamburger I drew:
sketch made with a pen

the full art made with Galaxy Note 10+ s-pen using Virtual Tablet to connect to PC
made with Photoshop CC 2019

I know I need to fix some lines and the overall lightning and shadowing, but I'm pretty good with these results
keep in mind I'm new to drawing, I never really tried drawing and make something good!

if you guys have any suggestions to learn from, I'll be happy to know!
I'm currently looking at "DrawWithJazza" art channel.

give me your thoughts :)

have a nice day

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