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RE: This Time I'll Write A Headline That Looks Like A Professional Wrote It So You Don't Think The Post Is Trash

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My last post got whacked by @notcreative but it was a modification of my own original photo. I added some effects to it and ran it through a filter. I thought it turned out nice but whatever. I wanted to combine it with some tips on trading so the point was more to illustrate a pot of gold under a rainbow to give some feeling to the trading tips.

I don't know, I felt like it was a creative use of tools to add some interest to the post, but I can take a hint LEO is probably a better fit for what I like to post.


Everything has, or will have a home eventually. I've noticed a few folks writing news or informational articles, then throwing in maybe a few photos, and slapping on the creativecoin tag. It doesn't make sense. How can I take news seriously if the author is saying they're making it up/bullshitting the moment they apply that creative tag. Authors need to learn how to target specific audiences. I could easily write a few sports stories but I'd never include my artwork in those, because I wouldn't expect to see my style of artwork if I opened up a sports magazine. If I made it a humorous sports article and then made a sports related comic or something, then I could get away with both.

In general though, many of the "combination" posts I see don't deliver much of a message. It just looks like people are trying to stack tokens with simple posts that aren't worth much.

My post here is an article about art, some of my experience here as an artist, and it includes new artwork as well as a that snazzy looking cover image that was also made just for this post. I see no reason to add something like the SteemLeo tag to it, though I did mention investment opinions. I just feel most of that audiences wouldn't have enjoyed most of this post.

When it comes to editing photos that are yours, you would never try to pass them off as paintings? Correct? That's what that scammer did wrong. Editing photos is an artform these days, and if the producer is being honest, it's easier to reward. Those posts in the links provided though are total shit posts. I rarely vote for one image and barely any words posts. If I do, that image has to be amazing the words must be incredible. I prefer voting for solid efforts. I know I spent over eight hours working on all of the art seen here, spent a couple hours "researching" a plagiarist, and then quite a bit more time writing the actual post. This was a lot of work, majority of my posts are the same; time consuming. This rambling response is taking awhile to write. So since I know I'm putting a lot into my work, I'm looking for those putting about as much effort into theirs. That's hard to find some days.

I guess I'm more of an investor than an artist or a blogger per say. I do enjoy interacting on the platform but I guess my efforts are not up to the requirements of specific formats and I mostly do rambling combination posts. It seems like Actifit has been a good format for me so I think I will concentrate on doing that from here out. Creative coin seems to be muting all Actifit posts so I'm thinking at this point it is not a good investment for me.

It seems like my followers enjoy a mix of photography and digital photo manipulation in my posts. I thought about removing these things but many commented on liking the format.

I actually do put a lot of effort into my posts too but I feel like it has become a bit of case of diminishing marginal returns on my efforts so I'm going to need to free up some time and capital.

Curating is allowed. Staking has very little to do with posting. One does NOT need to be creative in order to benefit from holding the tokens.

I'm sure you'd do better if the delivery was more focused. Think about my two previous posts. Wouldn't it have been a bit strange and out of place if I added in, "Oh and here's my actifit report card," at the end of those? That's the perfect way to ruin the ending of a post like those, and many more I write. Imagine a song, and at the end, the singer says, for no reason, "Oh! And I did some walking today!" That wouldn't make sense. I really don't see why so many ruin their supposed "creative" posts with a scorecard. It's an eyesore, especially if the post is about photography or something. Imagine outside eyes, looking in. That report card would look like gibberish if the consumer was there to look at photography. Those report cards do have a community though. I thought Sports Talk was fine with it?

It's your call though. Do whatever you want to do. I don't write for SteemLeo much but I've staked about 4000 so when I do read and vote, I at least get paid to consume that content and be entertained.

I'm confused why you wouldn't share your photography and photo editing within a post for creativecoin and then share your sports stuff and actifit card within a post for Sportstalk? That's what tribes and being organized is all about. Everything has a place.

I am really not that organized and have trouble producing more than a few quality photographs or other works per day. Posting more than once per day results in each post earning half the rewards and gets me in trouble with the self vote bashing crowd plus it takes me more than twice the time to do that. Promoting my posts with bid bots besides the Leo bit bot doesn't feel right. Qurator will only vote once per day which is a problem if I want to do a daily Actifit post plus other targeted posts.

The original plan for this secondary account was to do just what you suggested, however, at this point I'm not having much fun. Why should I curate or invest in something that functions as a wet blanket for my own creativity?

Really my main objection is that there was no reason given at all for the downvote and there appears to be a ban on all posts with the Actifit tag. I don't feel this is really fair to many people who do post quality art and photography in conjunction with the activity report.

I do see your point about mixing the creative aspects of a post with a scorecard. However, it is about the only thing that has even got me to do a consistent daily post. (Motivation is really a problem for me.)

I don't know what to say other than I wouldn't take a downvote personally.

I can promise I know how hard it is to produce something worthy of the creativecoin tag, daily. I work many hours. I do enjoy the fact that if I can't or don't feel like doing something creative, I can hop over to another tribe and produce content more fitting for that group. Gaming, investments, science, whatever. Having stake and participating in these places opens more doors. It was never wise for people on Steemit to stick to the same thing that wasn't working, yet they did, and then blamed the platform for struggling, instead of themselves. Growing and evolving is part of blogging. Finding a comfort zone only means you're stuck.

It's good actifit rewards folks and I respect their product. Unfortunately, those posts never did attract much in the form of community votes. Building up your blog means you need to find ways to attract those votes from everyone else. Those handouts offered just for using an app often lead nowhere. Those are participation awards, not rewards from the community.

I don't like seeing people give up but at the same time, if they are unwilling to make changes or improvements, there's not much point in trying to help.

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