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tlg b.png

So I'm back with part 2 for The Lost Ghost. To animate this artwork, I'm going to use Esoteric Software's Spine. It's a bit pricey (US$299) but it's one of the best 2D animating software I've used. The only reason why I've decided to buy it was because I was also using it to animate my sprites in my game.

Chopping up the parts!

Using any software (in my case, it's Photoshop), I saved the parts separately as .PNG. I then import them to Spine..

ani pcs.png

Attaching to Bones

Spine animates images using the skeletal feature. You basically attach 'bones' to the images you have and move them when you move the bones.

ani bon.png


You can also use the Mesh feature to take advantage of Spine's FFD (Free Form Deformation). This will give my animation a "3D" feel.

ani msh.png


This step is an additional step to meshing. The weights is attached to the bones so that you don't have to manipulate the FFD manually.

ani wgt.png

The red bone controls the red points, while the yellow bones control the yellow points. You can also assign them to both by sharing the percentage of control. (50%-50% or 25%-75%, depends on what you want)

Animation w/ Bones

Adding all that together, I then move the bones in the timeline.


Animation w/o Bones

So this is what it looks like without the bones.


I hope you liked my post and I hope you find this art process worth your while. I'll try to post more. ^-^
Bye for now!



Ooh! This is so cool! I realy like the details, the lights, it's realy impressive.

May I ask you for some advice?
I am currently an illustrator (hand drawing and digital drawing) and I would like to make a short film (about 30 seconds) in 2D animation, with different scenes and characters (like the Witcher 3 loading kinematics).
Do you think I could use this software?
Does it manage transparency?

Thanks a lot :)
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I actually love those Witcher 3 animations! Yes, you can definitely do that in Spine. It does manage transparency and even Screen and Multiply effects.

:D * stars in the eyes *

Thank you so much for your answer !

Good work friend. I m making good 3D animation videos. I interested with you following

very interesting stuff! I don't think I've ever used bone animation (mostly either straight on full drawing, or symbols in flash) so this was very cool to see! Did you only have one drawing for the face?

Thanks! Yes. :)

It's so cool.
I use Photoshop for work, but not that deeper.
I wish I can learn it.

I was only able to learn using Spine because I use it to animate sprites in games. :) Good luck!

Great art you making !
I like it how you show the process too !
There is a lot to learn from you :-)
i am impressed.jpg

Thank you. :)

Man this is a crazy interesting post to me haha, I would have probably just used PS and AE with the Duik plugin

I could do that but I'm more familiar with Spine. :D

Yeah, till I read these two posts I had never even heard of Spine or SAI and had never spoken to someone who had actually bothered to learn MS :0

I am also in the creative industry, not the exact same genre, but it's still really cool to see what tools are used to do similar things :)

Of course! You'd never know when a new program outdone an old one until you've used it. :D

This is so cool!

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