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Hey guys! Back with an artwork process. This time, it's a Cel-Shaded artwork. This is the kind of shading you can find in animes and cartoons. This was a commissioned artwork from Bribble.

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Past artworks for Selby and some ideas and references for her pose.

sel ref.png


Sketched in Manga Studio 5. Perspective rulers are really helpful.

sel ske.png


Also done in Manga Studio 5.

sel ink.png


Done in SAI.

sel fla.png


This technique can be easier and can sometimes be harder to do than painting. It really depends on the situation.

sel pnt a.png


The background is painted.

sel pnt b.png

Final Product

After adding some color overlays, light rays from the window and some textures, it's done!

sel fin.png

All this typing made me hungry! Time to eat this spongecake I've been saving. :D

I hope you liked my post and I hope you find this art process worth your while. I'll try to post more. ^-^
Bye for now!



think it looks quite dope man! Job well done ^^

Thanks mate!

This is exactly the kind of artwork I want to create some day! Your post is so helpful to me. Although the background is painted, I can hardly tell if the line art is still there. Did you remove the lines or did you color them?

Sorry for the late reply! ^^; Thanks! Yeah, I color them. :D

Great work! Hope the spongecake was delicious! :)

Thanks! Unfortunately, it's gone bad. T-T Spongecakes have short lives, apparently.

Its amazing really) Your art inspire me_

Thanks! :D

Thanks! :D

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