Inktober 2019 Day 20!

in #art3 years ago


Hi! Kumusta kayo?

Wazap awesome pips! It's already 24th of October which is 7 days before inktober will end but im still in day 19 huehue so pardon me if i post twice or thrice a day(that desperate huh?) lol. Well i already made them but is just that, i wasn't able to post it yet.

Anyways, I won't take this long. Let's start!

(drumrolls )

The Prompt is:


walk in a specified way

You know how dumb i am? I thought this was "thread" at first, so i drew an unfinished piece of cloth. Then I crumpled it when i realized it's a different word lol



..."Tread properly in the woods or you might hurt your feet"


Anyways, here's the process of the drawing.




Closer view




What do you think?


Thats all for now. Bonjour!

This year's prompt list:



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I love the hatched, but I think the most interesting about your illustration is the perspective. Well done. 😊

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