Inktober 2019 Day 13!

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Yo! What's up?

It's been a week already since my comeback post and I'm really honored to be able to get the attention of those awesome pips out there who support steemian artists. We'll continue share our art here because you guys rock! Really appreciate it.

So now im exerting extra effort to catch up since im 4 days late (cries in filipino) huehue.


Let's start!

(drumrolls )



According to the dictionary, it means the remains of something destroyed; ruins. As a noun it means, the powdery residue left after the burning of a substance.

"Remains of something destroyed."

"The powdery residue left after the burning of a substance."


And I came up with this.


War zone

It's where people with opposite goals and visions settle conflicts byy shedding blood.

It's where our heroes die, protecting the nation from the invaders.

It's where they thought territorial problems will be solved.

It's where bombs are being dropped, pointing eachother's rifles.

Simply, It's where people fight and kill each other.

And when the war is done, the warzone is silent.

Bodies are everywhere.

The place is full ashes.


And here's the process by the way,




Closer view



What do you think?


Thats all for now. Mabuhay!

This year's prompt list:



Welcome back.. Love your art as always. Thank you for sharing another amazing art f yours

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Oh hi @oliviackl! It's been a while 😀 how are you? ~ Thank you so much for following my posts. Its such an honor

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