Unseen - Translating the Drawing to Painting

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Yiou might recall that I posted the drawing of this image a little while back, and now you can see how it is translated into the painting. In both cases, I was trying to pay careful attention to the rendering of the forms.

The idea of the pose I found interesting because it can suggest many things. So far the responses to this image have been quite varied with people interpreting it in many ways.

What do you see in "Unseen"?

"Unseen", Leo Plaw, 24 x 30cm, oil on canvas


Here's the drawing from the previous post.


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I see the contrast between spirituality and sensuality. In the first, cropped image, I found myself musing how we must shut our eyes to the material world to 'see' with our third eye: intuition, inspiration, etc...

Viewing the full, voluptuous image, my mind went blank ;)

I see a kind of "Return to origin". Peering out with awareness that is not subject to illusions or influenced by excessive noise.

I like your take on it.

Thanks. She's beautiful.

That is a really nice painting, the colours and tones are spot on. It's very inspiring :)

Cheers Samuel!

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nice tits ;)

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