Figure 27 Drawing Time Lapse

in art •  5 months ago

Now that I have my camera rig set up, there's a better work flow with doing the artwork and filming at the same time. I have to re-calibrate the setup at the start of every session in case something has lost its position.

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Amazing drwing friend, I love how you draw the details with the white <3


Thank you @winizart! The drawing comes to life when the white is added.

It's always amazing to see you actually arting, @leoplaw ! What lovely control and deftness <3 <3 <3


Thank you @veryspider! I'll keep far... um arting around. ;-)

The time-lapse are always so cool to watch especially as you begin to add the white highlights! Well done. Using the coloured paper always gives it a nice pop as well.


Hi Donna, often I get to a point with the drawings where I think it's not progressing well. But when I start with the white, suddenly it comes to life. Love the coloured paper, it gives the drawings some feeling.

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Incredibly lively drawing! Great seeing the highlights come in and the music is nice too. Resteemed.