Figure 39 - Drawing

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I had fun with this drawing. There's a very good chance that it will become a painting. I also sold it lickety spit.

I like the image as it is, but I also have another concept that it could also be modified to fit. I'm as of yet undecided. But, there's time to decide, as I have plenty of other artworks to take care of before the coming exhibition in two weeks.

Oh, yes, that means... I'll have to write a post up about that and fill you in. Until then.

"Figure 39 - Drawing", 30 x 21cm, graphite pencil on paper

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Very cool work... i hope to see more your works soon.

You won't have to wait long. =)

This sounds very good :)

This is an arresting image. What is the story behind the concept?

Congratulations on the quick sale. I hope the painting sells as quickly and for a tidy profit.

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The image is a fit of rage or frustration. I was attempting to express energy and dynamic of such an outburst.
The painting will have to wait until next month. I have to finish preparing for an exhibition.
Thank you for the resteem and the well wishes!

Must be a good idea if it sold lickety split XD And if you're not done with the idea then perhaps it should be a painting :D (if it wants to be a painting).

Yay for coming exhibitions!

I have to get through the work for the exhibition before I can come back to this one. Ah, so many ideas to paint. Less social media, more painting!

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