Figuary 2020 #13

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Stand fast and meet the challenges presented to you. Don't be afraid to set your boundaries. No is just as beneficial and valid as yes. Boundaries and limits are necessary for a healthy life. An organism with out the barrier of a skin is quickly overcome and destroyed by its environment and invasive organisms. So too with our emotional and mental well-being, we have limits that need to be known, respected and if necessary, enforced.

Original artwork, 21 x 30cm, graphite pencil on paper available.

"Figure 53", Leo Plaw, 21 x 30cm, graphite pencil on paper


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Hi Leo, another dramatic pose in your repertoire.
I went to a Steemit Austria meeting yesterday, and we talked about these new communities, so right away, we got one started - check it out and join us: - I posted just to test in the community and then re-steemed my post to my blog. Works really good! Check it out - my first post in the Steem Austria Community

Hi Otto, I find the dramatic poses more interesting than a model looking like a sack of potatoes. Anybody can sit or stand, but it requires a little imagination from the model to come up with something better. Sadly, these are few.

I still haven't understood how the new groups work with regards to rewards. I've followed your group and liked your posts.

you can post in the group since you are following the group - on the group page, click on the right side "NEW POST", create your post - by default, it posts to the group. After that, click re-steem, and it will then also show up on your blog page.
Good Artist Group to belong to and post in is OnChainArt

About the models: yeah, we had some interesting poses too, but mostly for gestural drawing, short poses. It takes some athletics to hold a pose like that for a long time. But from your short gestural drawing, it is then easy to make a detailed drawing after. Tip: to understand the pose, also pose yourself like that for a moment before drawing it, to feel the tension.

And who gets the payouts for posting to the group?

Yes, I've used that trick before, holding the pose to understand it.

payout - we'll see, I think the Community gets a small portion of it, just like curators do, but idk - have to see how its split up when my first post in a community gets paid out.
For me who is looking to support artists, it is perhaps a bit easier in art related communities, because they are moderated and posts that do not qualify as art are muted in the Community, whereas anybody can use the #art tag and looking under the tag you have to scroll through a lot of crap to even find anything remotely qualifying as art. Of course a community can only be as good as the admin and moderators are vigilant and take it serious.

Yes, it's all down to how long the moderators remain active, that determines the quality.

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Are some of your uploads getting distorted?

From memory it was the idea when you embarked on this, still love how over the top dramatic a lot of these figures are :)

No image distortion.

Yes, my intent seems to have quickly changed over the course of the month. The reason being, my collectors have responded very well to the more polished drawings. The customer is king. =)

As I just commented to Otto, I find the dramatic poses more interesting than a model looking like a sack of potatoes.

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