Ominous // An experimental film

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This post marks the fifth post in the mini series i started sharing exclusively here on steemit a couple of weeks ago. In this series you can expect some darker Imagery (hence the name of the series) and will mainly focus on creating visual representations of various emotions and (mental) illnesses.

For the fifth instalment of this series I wanted to freshen things up a little bit. Today I'm sharing the first ever video on my profile! It's an experimental audio-story I've been working on for the past few hours..

I've been really invested in film lately, I've read the script of my favorite film ever made * (Nightcrawler, starring Jake Gyllenhaal) *, watched a bunch of movies and interviews with screenwriters,.. I even looked into writing my own (short) screenplay..

Hope you guys like my first attempt at making "films". Feel free to comment below what you think about it, don't hold back ;)

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A visual representation of how dark thoughts consume, overshadow the (strong) individual

I just looked at the Ominous I, and oh my. I'm loving this whole series! This video art is so good. The darkness, the sound, the slow movement of the clouds.. All elements worked well to convey depression and various mental illnesses- Something dark and cloudy.. Like all you can think is the slow movement of time and you feel nothing.. Hollow inside.. it's like something bad is going to happen so all those thoughts build up inside you, making your thoughts cloudy. Ah, well, I could not find the perfect sentences for this. Beautiful, beautiful.

And congrats on your Curie vote. You deserve it. Looking forward to your next works!!

Thank you so much for commenting! You've described this video (and series) perfectly with that awesome comment. I really wanted to emphasize on the hollow/ emptiness in the video, i'm glad you picked up on it! :)

I have mental illness as well. And I also do video art and also interested in doing short films and all. And good luck with your screenplay. I'm pretty sure you'll nail it again as I can see you have a brilliant mind! :)

Thank you so much! :) Best of luck with your video art and film adventures!

Hi lennertdirkx,

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@lennertdirkx I really like the transitions of color used in this along with the sound. It gives it the look and feel for what I think you were aiming to achieve and I believe you accomplished this well!

Thank you so much! I really take these kind words to heart :)

You are very welcome! And I loved the film "Nightcrawler". I used to watch it over and over. It's really a great film.

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Hi buddy! I watched it now 3 times but I don’t get it :-) , I have the feeling somthing dangerous is coming 😱😬. but I leave an up for the cool sound and the great cloud effect. Do you make it on your own with a software or is this a real storm coming? :-)