Somewhat Cute Animals Art - Bunny

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This is a series of my somewhat cute lifeless designs of random animals that I made a long time ago.

This is my last design of these series - a bunny design. 🐰

Bunny At Heart.jpg

Source: My computer

I find this is one of the cutest designs of mine. ヽ(・ϖ・ゞ)

Some boring facts about bunnies:

  • Bunies' teeth are always growing, but bunnies' constant chewing helps to keep them short;
  • Bunnies are crepuscular meaning their activity level is higher in the early mornings and early evenings;
  • Bunnies eat their own cecotropes (night feces full of nutrients);
  • As I wrote in my deer post: female deers are called does and male - bucks. It's the same with the female and male bunnies;
  • When bunnies are happy they "purr" or do "binky"(special jump). Awww σ(≧ε≦o);
  • Group of holes in the ground duggen by bunnies is called a warren. Each warren have many "bunny rooms" and exits.

Boring fun facts happened after skimming through the following sources:

  1. 20 Fascinating Facts About Rabbits
  2. 45 Bunny Facts to Make You Go ‘Squee!’

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