Sir @mynameisbrian Steem Club T-Shirt now one of my so called personal collection T-Shirt............

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First of all, I want to thanks sir @mynameisbrian for letting me to use his Seem Club T-shirt design and print it to my T-Shirt. And WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I attract on the color and illustration of the design.

Visit sir @mynameisbrian post about the Steem Club T-Shirts to read more about the shirt.

I made a video, from the grabbing the picture and printing to the t-shirt...

Grab/Download the T-Shirt design of @mynameisbrian on his blog post Video.

Photoshop Edit And Printing Video.

Part 1

Part 2

Print Result

Pressing the design in the T-Shirt......

Setting the Heat Press to 160 degree Celsius and 17 seconds pressing time..

Heat Pressing the T-Shirt Video

Finish my 4th Steemit T-Shirt.....

Thanks sir @mynameisbrian , I like your design.. 

Here my another 3 personal Steemit T-Shirt

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Really cool and well design t-shirt !!